Video and Multimedia production

Mexico video
Baobab on the road near Oaxaca, Mexico

Video and multimedia products that meet real client needs have been our core business since Baobab Productions was founded in 1995. We design our products for specific target audiences and we will advise you if we think video is not the appropriate tool for the audience you need to reach.

Having said that, we make good, compelling, thought-provoking, and honest films. We bring high standards of journalism to our productions, giving them authenticity. We have focused on stories about international development and we concentrate on stakeholders and beneficiaries.

We have also created video public service announcements (PSA) and can help with distribution and placement.

Our radio experience is also very deep and we can create powerpoint presentations with embeded video, websites and other rich content

You can view samples of our work from our video theatre page.

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