Tools for production

We have developed several software products to aid television/video producers. Our flagship is LineupNX, the most cost-effective Newsroom Computer System available. If you are looking for a software package for your newsroom, production company, journalism classroom / lab, or community cable studio, then LineupNX could be the solution for you. This easy-to-use program does just about every newsroom management job. It will run on a network or as a stand-alone program just for the Lineup Editor/Producer. LineupNX has a built-in teleprompter and full intro and script editors, RSS feed system and a lot more. LineupNX has its own website. Click here to visit it.

We have also created a set of production management tools, all spreadsheet-based, to handle video production budgeting and bookkeeping, travel expenses and an easy-to-use in field shot logger.

Our older, legacy products include Content Manager, a nifty utility designed for users of Adobe Premiere 6 or 6.5 non-linear editing software. DV Converter is a powerful utility for producers using the DV Digital format and older capture equipment.

The Documentary package

This is a set of three spreadsheet templates which we provide as a package on CD-ROM. On the CD you get the spreadsheet templates in Excel and Quattro Pro and formats (Windows only) as well as a user guide (PDF) to each template. The price for the package is $US398. Below are descriptions of the three components of the package. Contact us for more information.

Production Budget and ledger template

This is a powerful project development tool. It uses the standard Telefilm Canada budget categories, numbering and format; computes markups, overheads and contingencies automatically; keeps a ledger of all expenses as paid. Currently available in Excel and Quattro-Pro formats.

Start page

Shot Logging template

Whether in the field or back at the production office, this is the most easy-handling shot-logging tool you'll find. It doesn't bother with machine control or thumbnail images, but it does work wonders. Enter the starting time of each shot, the length of all shots is automatically computed. If you use older tape formats, you can log a tape in the field using the camcorder's time counter. There is no need to re-log if and when you have dubs with proper timecode. You just enter a timecode offset into a cell in the sheet and all the times in your log will adjust.

Travel Expense template

This spreadsheet template can be used on-location on a laptop, or PDA, or mobile device, or with the spreadsheet application in a pocket computer. It tracks location and trip expenses in a simple, easy-to-follow format and even contains a section for foreign currency conversion. The template uses standard expense categories and account numbers to match our Production Budget template (the standard Telefilm Canada categories and numbers. You are, of course, free to change them).

DV Converter

This Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP utility is designed to make any Type 2 DV-AVI file readable on any PC with any DV capture card. Before DV Converter, a file captured with a Canopus system could not be viewed on a system that used Pinnacle or Matrox products. Originally developed in 1998, DV Converter is limited to files of 2gig in size or less. Version 2.3 is still available for a 30 day trial. The full version is priced at $US50. Please use our contact page to enquire about it.

Content Manager

Content Manager is a utility that helps you manage Adobe Premiere 6 and 6.5 project and media files on your on-line hard drives and archives. It lets you make optimum use of both by letting you rename, move or delete unused material from Premiere projects. It will also help you restore project media files from off-line or archival storage locations so you can reconstruct older projects when a clients asks for an update. This program will save you time and grief and hard drive space. If you regularly backup projects to CD-ROM or DVD then this program could be for you.

Note that Content Manager was designed specifically to work with Adobe Premiere 6 and 6.5. It will not work with Premiere Pro which now includes its own content management system. If you are still using Premiere 6 or 6.5, we sell Content Manager for $US30.Please use our contact page to enquire about it.

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